Wildlife Photography


Namibia is an excellent destination for every photographer. Here in Namibia we have magnificent sceneries and the wildlife will offer you amazing pictures. On our safari farm we offer a special leopard and cheetah tours for photographers. These magnificent animals are hard to spot in the wild. Leopards are mainly nocturnal animals and also cheetahs are not often seen in the limited time visitors usually have here in Namibia.

At Düsternbrook you – as photographer – can choose the time you want to go and we will assist you about what is normally done. Mostly the professionals like to go in the morning about 20 minutes after sunrise or in the evening before sunset, but most prefer in the morning as the light is sharper. You sit on open 4 x 4 Safari Jeep about 1.8 meters from the ground and we drive you into the big enclosures of the cats.

There is no fence between you and the animals, which makes sure there is nothing letting you from taking brilliant pictures. Normally we put meat in a tree to get the leopard out of its shelter, but there’s not guarantee for this. The distance between you and the animals is about 10 to 25 meters (30-75 ft). The guide can try to influence a leopard or cheetah, but do not expect too many tricks. Our leopards and cheetahs are wild animals and safety is always first priority.

The unique chance to photograph the leopard and cheetah in their natural habitat.

Currently we have 2 leopards and 5 cheetahs in our enclosure and there are several leopards living on our farmland, which are seen sometimes. In our lodging price the standard “cats unlimited” tour is included. We advise you to go on this tour first to get an idea about the setting and be able to prepare yourself well.

Of course it is also possible to photograph other wildlife and sceneries on our farmland. Our farmland is 12.000 ha big and we have a variety of plants and animals. For questions please contact us.

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