Dear Friends and Touroperators of Namibia,

As you may have heard the Ministry of Environment and Tourism in Namibia has gazetted No 7912 new regulations on keeping of large carnivores in Namibia 28.9.2022.

We at Duesternbrook GF have been the first ones doing our Cheetah and Leopard Drives  now for well over 30 years. I think we had a good reputation seeing we never had an accident or anything similar or close. But thats how it is. From our view some regulations to keep large carnivores make sense BUT the killing part reads as follows:

A person who keeps large carnivore in captivity in terms of regulation 2 may not

1. drive through enclosures for tourism purposes
2. allow any person to enter the enclosure of such large carnivore during feeding or for any tourist viewing

New rules have somewhere an origin about someone not being happy, but we have never been consulted to discuss what can be done to adapt the rules. Fact is: we have to follow the new rules.
Seeing the new regulations do not provide to us any grace period we have to implement the change with immediate effect.

We really regret such a new regulation with no time for any adaption. We hope you understand that this change is not within our control as we must abide by the law.

All our other activities will stay the same and we will offer one of the other activities to compensate for the “cheetah and leopard drive” which will be either
1. another ( second) game drive as early morning drive
2. an early morning scenic mountain drive or
3. horse riding
4. other new activities might follow.

We are sure that Duesternbrook will stay a destination to enjoy pristine nature and adventures not to be missed.

kind regards
Johann  Vaatz