New regulations large carnivores

As you may know, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism in Namibia recently introduced new regulations (No. 7912) regarding the keeping of large carnivores in captivity. At Düsternbrook GF, we have been offering cheetah and leopard tours for over 35 years and are proud to have maintained an excellent safety record during this time.

While we believe that some of the regulations regarding the keeping of large carnivores make sense, in our view, others do not make sense and cannot be scientifically justified, given our extensive empirical experience over 35 years. Therefore, we are concerned that certain aspects of these new rules may have a negative impact on our business and jobs, especially after the Corona disaster, which may not be a wise decision. In particular, we are no longer allowed to drive into the enclosure for tourism purposes or allow visitors to enter the enclosure of large carnivores during feeding or viewing. Although this is allowed, even with an open car, in all major parks in Africa, including Namibia. The motivation for introducing these new regulations was not discussed with us nor were we consulted as the longest experienced professionals.

We regret the impact of these changes on our operation. However, we will comply with the new regulations as soon as a specific implementation timetable is provided to us. Currently, we continue to offer our leopard tours, as all our cheetahs have died due to old age.

In addition to our leopard and hippo tours, we are pleased to offer you another new activity, Sky Unlimited, which is a wildlife viewing tour followed by a ride to a mountain peak with a unique 360-degree view and a sundowner with snacks and drinks of your choice. We continue to offer early morning panoramic drives, normal game drives, and safari rides.

We are confident that Düsternbrook will remain a destination for those seeking pristine nature and exciting adventures. Thank you for your understandings.

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